Tips before buying a fishing kayak

Finding the right fishing kayak for kayaking for the first time can be a challenge. Here are some basic tips that make it easier for you to buy your first kayak.

getting a fish while kayakingOverview
If you are a beginner, we recommend that you have a kayak that is stable, easy to operate and preferably shock resistant. An easy way to determine if a kayak is stable or not, of course, is to sit and try the kayak. Another way is to look at the shape of the hull (bottom of the kayak) – is it flat or not? The smoother and wider the hull, the more stable the kayak is.

Fiberglass kayak or plastic kayak?

The biggest difference between a fiberglass kayak and a plastic kayak is the appearance. A fiberglass kayak shines more and gives a luxurious feel, while a plastic kayak is more shock resistant and suitable for those who want to pull their kayak on the cliff / pier without fear of cracks. Most of the summer home owners and hobbyists prefer plastic kayaks.
For the beginner, there isn’t much difference between a fiberglass kayak and a plastic kayak.

Where are you going to paddle?
If you want a fishing kayak suitable for paddling in different kinds of water, it should be a higher quality in order to be used in different situations. Look for spacing is about 5 m long and has a well-bed well with a well-adjusted height.
If you’re going to paddle in only calm waters, you can have a kayak that’s a little shorter and with a lower cockpit, but that’s a good kayak. Should you paddle in only the windy part of the archipelago, it may be better to have a longer kayak (at least 5.20 m) for increased speed and stability.
If you paddle on long trips you should ensure that your kayak has proper packing areas as well.

Who’s going to use the kayak?

The paddle’s length, weight and body size are all factors that will be involved when choosing a kayak. For children it is usually best to use a shorter kayak (about 4m) to have good maneuverability while adults can paddle kayaks between 4.5-6m long. It is important that the footrests, with which you control the helm that is located at the back of the kayak, can be adjusted to the desired length. The seat should be shaped in such a way that it feels comfortable and unobtrusive to sit in the kayak, and that there is the possibility of adjusting the backrest at the side and side when sitting in the kayak.

Buy new or used kayak?

Used fishing kayaks can often be bought at the end of the season at discounted prices. If you do not want to wait until the end of the season you can safely buy a new kayak – the resale value on kayaks are very good so selling your used kayak and upgrading to a newer version is always a good option.

Good luck with your kayak!

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