Best Sit on Top Kayaks Reviewed

Definition of a Sit on Top Kayak

A “sit on top kayak” is a self-emptying kayak called “sit on top kayak”: “sit on top” means “sitting on top”. A sit-on kayak can be a recreational kayak, a fishing kayak, a dive kayak, even a kayak, a sea kayak.

The “open cockpit kayak” allows the kayaker to easily and easily get out of the kayak, from the beach, pier or from the water.

You can paddle without feeling trapped: In a “sit on top kayak” you can enjoy all the beauty that kayaking proposes, without having learned the difficult maneuvers of a self-rescue, like the esquimotaje, since you will not need. In case you fall into the water, it is much easier to climb a sit on top kayak than a conventional kayak. It is a kayak for all ages.

Compared to a sea kayak, a “sit on top kayak” is shorter and wider, and consequently slower. However a “sit on top kayak” is relatively maneuverable. But they can not compete, for example, with whitewater kayaks.

The “sit on top kayak” is usually made of rotomolded plastic (Polyethylene), although there are also kayaks sit on top of fiberglass.

The helmet of the Islander kayak model, for example, is composed of air chambers, so the kayak can not sink. Even if you break the hull by a blow, it will only flood the compartment that breaks.

Sit on Top Kayak – The Best For a Beginner

The “sit on top kayak” is a recreational kayak, for the beach, surfing, fishing and even diving. The sit on top kayak models, adapted to the diving, are called “Divejak”.

Mainly it has been thought of beginners of kayaking. Beginners are looking for a stable, simple and economical kayak. All these characteristics embark the “sit on top kayak”.

The kayak is used sit on top for its simplicity. They are easy to handle kayaks, and because of the closed hull they are almost unsinkable and very robust. They are the kayaks that are found in coastal areas, lakes or on the beach for rent.

Kayak’s beginners value “sit on top kayak” because with this type of kayak the fear disappears, not being able to get free underwater in case the kayak overturns.

“Kayaks sit on top” have a very stable floating position, and the kayaker feels safe, despite the high position of the seat.

Best Sit-On-Top-Kayak Reviews

Product DescriptionOverall Score
Editor choice
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3 Ocean Kayak Frenzy

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6 Benefits of a Sit on Top Kayak

A sit on top kayak shares many benefits with a “kayak sit inside”. However it has some additional advantages:

  • Sit on Top Kayak Comfort: Kayakers with long legs or with limited flexibility feel less trapped in the sit on top kayak.
  • Sit on Top Kayak The biggest Advantage Will Be The Self-Rescue: The kayakers are sitting above the kayak, outdoors. There is no need to learn and practice esquimotaje.
  • If you do not want to carry a kayak when you leave for expeditions, there is no problem at all, because on the beaches you usually rent exactly these types of kayaks.
  • The Sit on Top Kayak is a Multi-Purpose Kayak. There are sit-on kayaks specializing in diving, fishing or surfing, but manufacturers often keep the beginner in mind and want to offer an all-terrain kayak.
  • Sometimes sailing on a sit on top kayak is easier than on another type of kayak, for example a sea kayak, with final stability.
  • The sit on top kayak is usually much cheaper than a sea kayak or other type of kayak, since the material, rotomoldeado plastic, is very cheap.
  • Your dog, in case you are an owner, can accompany you much easier than in a closed kayak, as is usually a sea kayak.