Parts of a Kayak

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro

These are the basic parts of a kayak and the terminology used in kayaking.

Kayaks are pretty simple in design. You will see these terms if you further read about kayaking and hear them when chatting with other kayakers.


Now, if you really want to impress someone . . . get to know these terms!

Bow – Front end of the kayak (fore)(of the cockpit)

Stern – Back end of the kayak (aft) (of the cockpit)

Port – Left side of the kayak – facing forward

Starboard – Right side of the kayak – facing forward


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Ryan Stoltz

Ryan Stoltz

Avid kayaker and lover of the outdoors. Having been kayaking for over 7 years, I love sharing my experiences and learnings along the way. Currently kayaking in upstate New York and always open to new adventures!

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