For the Love of Kayaking in the Ocean

We often get a lot of readers sending in their love of kayaks and their adventures taking their kayak out on the water.  So, today we have a quick post from Lisa, who recently took her sea kayak out for a spin.  Without further ado, here’s LIsa:

“… the spark and obsession of the eyes as ‘only’ real adventure can attract”.
… That’s something I have, according to Twitter’s comments.
Then I did not think so much about the comment. But now I can feel the obsession in my eyes. In the whole body actually. I have to leave the city. Buildings, walls, people and asphalt everywhere feel claustrophobic. I have a withdrawal. I have to be surrounded by nature only. Now!
Little job, a (fantastic) workout and then I take the first bus out.
taking the kayak out to seaOut to sea.
As I get off the bus, I finally breathe out. The axles are lowered. A relief is lowered over the body. The eyes are filled with calm. My steps slow down.

Then it goes fast. Out with the kayak. On vests. Filling a water bottle. Down to the bridge. The ocean sparkles.
Sitting in the kayak is not like sitting in a craft. It’s like wearing an extra body part that makes me come closer to the ocean. Even more calm in the body. Soon.

The first paddle roof is soft and silent. The kayak slides so easily, even though I take in so little. I breathe through the paddle. Deep. It’s like being weightless. Towards the horizon. I’m hovering over green eelgrass beds, bright sandy bottoms and gold-colored algae. So close and so enticing. But I stay on the surface. Sometimes I slow down. Laying down the paddle and just sitting with your hands in the water. So soft. I do not know anything as soft and spring as the ocean. I realize I’m sitting fooling without being aware of it.

Then he finally turns up. My unhappy and unreserved love. A round head and big dark eyes. A wet nose and sensitive whisker. Salen. We see each other in the eyes for a few long seconds. Then he makes a perfect dive without splashing. Shoots up a few meters further. I wish he would come closer. But he is probably just curious, and scared at the same time. What do I know about sales psychology. It’s time to paddle back. And he has already disappeared into his own world.

The comment on twitter made me think. What is a “real” adventure? And how is obsession – is it good? Adventures for me are experiences, making new things, being out in nature. And I think to allow being obsessed can be good. The right kind of obsession can give a lot of energy and joy.

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