5 Reasons Why You Need a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Anchoring your kayak can sometimes be messy, or even worse, dangerous! But if you’re equipped with the necessary tools, you can get the job done in a matter of seconds.

An anchor trolley is one of the tools that help you avoid an anchoring hassle. Here are 5 reasons why you need a kayak anchor trolley.

What’s an Anchor Trolley?

An anchor trolley runs on the side of the kayak. It allows you outstanding control over your anchor mainly because it’ll enable you to accurately drop your anchor and retrieve it from the side of the boat.

It creates an anchoring point at the stern or the bow of your kayak. Therefore, it helps your kayak be safer and more stable in water.

Fortunately, it’s easy to install and use. It consists of three parts; two pulleys, a rope, and a ring. The rope runs through the pulleys, and the ring is attached to it.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Kayak Anchor Trolley

There are many benefits to using a kayak anchor trolley, such as maintaining stability and steadiness to your kayak.

It also gives you a strong control position in harsh conditions. Let’s explore the different reasons why you’d need an anchor trolley.

1.    Safety & Stability

You might think that a large anchor guarantees safe and easy anchoring, but the reality is that more factors contribute to setting a flexible and steady position.

One of the problems that usually occurs is tying the anchor near to the seating position. This leads the kayak to broadside to the wind and current directions, causing it to soak in water or drift with strong currents.

A kayak anchor trolley helps you avoid this chaos, as it allows you to run the anchor through the bow or stern.

kayak anchor trolley
Source: Southwind Kayak and SUP Center

2.    Flexible Positioning

An anchor trolley offers you the option to flexibly change your kayak position. This feature comes in handy in situations where you’re facing a cross current or strong wind.

It allows you to make quick and easy adjustments in harsh conditions as it enables you to make your kayak turn around to face a different direction while maintaining a fixed position in the water. It’s a helpful option if you’re keen on fishing in the wind or strong currents.

3.    Drift Chutes

The Drift Chutes are a unique type of anchor that allows you to maintain a slow-motion through the water. So, if you don’t want to stop the kayak completely for fishing, it’ll be helpful. The anchor is designed to catch water, which slows down your kayak speed.

Using the drift chutes with the anchor trolley system is an added benefit in case you like to catch big fish. Because the chute provides you with the pressure needed to battle the fish, it’s much easier to use than the anchor. As you can lift it, empty it from water, put it back, and go again with higher speed.

4.    Compatible & Versatile

The Anchor trolley system is compatible with almost all available anchors. It can be used with anchors of different sizes and weights. It can also handle different anchor types, like the Mushroom and River anchor types.

What you should be considering here are the rope characteristics. Always make sure to use a thick rope when using a heavy anchor.

Additionally, the anchoring system allows you to use another set on the other side of the kayak. This is rewarding in case you like to spend more time fishing in different weather conditions.

Source: BassPro.com

5.    Floats

The anchor trolley allows you to place a floating gadget at the beginning of the anchor rope. This way, if you need to detach the anchor rope for any reason, you’ll be able to relocate it.

This is an added advantage in case you find your kayak in a dangerous spot, and you need to get rid of the anchor right away.

Types of Anchors Compatible with an Anchor Trolley

There are different shapes of the anchors you can use with your anchor trolley. However, the anchor shape is rather related to the condition of the water bottom more than the trolley system itself. Some of the common types of anchors you can use with your kayak are;

Grapnel Folding Anchor

Most used with kayaks. It has four folding arms for a better grip on different bottoms.

River Anchor 

Three-fluke style. It holds the kayak in a position where the bottom is muddy or rocky.

Claw Anchor 

The claw anchor consists of two flukes. It’s more suitable for smooth bottoms.

Wrap Up

Kayak anchor trolley systems are definitely a convenient option for a hassle-free fishing trip. It’ll give you ultimate control over your kayak. More importantly, it’ll allow you to adjust your direction while you maintain a steady position.

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