Fishing Lures to use while Kayaking

I started gaining true appreciation for blade style lures last year, finding success in estuaries for bread and butter fish as well as off shore, using them to lure snapper, mack tuna and pearl perch. Indeed it would be safe to say that they proved more succesful than I’d anticipated, so a love affair was swiftly born.

Just like a girlfriend you can’t quite figure out, however, there’s always been something that irks me about the typically shaped blade lure, which is that although their sideways profile may very well look perfectly natural to a hungry fish, I find it hard to believe that their top down profile is. And it’s a well known fact that fish will often come up and strike from underneath, making me assume that in some such cases an approaching fish might just notice how unnaturally skinny it really looks and possibly give up because of it. So when I chanced upon the Storm ThunderBlade my attention was immediately drawn to it’s far more wholesome shape, which I figure a predator would have a harder time identifying as false advertising.

I’ve acquired a small collection of Thunderblades recently, with very specific usage scenarios in mind. The smaller 7cm models that weigh 15gms will be used heavily in my esturine kayak fishing ventures and I believe that these may very well prove to be my secret weapon in the upcoming ABT round in the Clarence river (Yamba) in May. I’ve picked out the spot I intend to fish and these are the lures I intend to use there. Time will tell how effective they prove to be but I’m rather confident they’ll produce the goods.

I’m expecting to find great success using the larger 9cm (32gms) variety in open water and will be employing them in various ways. Alongside the typical blade fishing strategy of cast & retrieve I’m quite certain these will catch liberally when trolled as well as jigged (the latter technique being one that I doubt a typical blade would fare well at). There’s no doubt in my mind that these will feature heavily in upcoming episodes of YKFS as well as regular trip reports. If you find these sitting on a store shelf somewhere, take a closer look and I suspect you’ll quickly understand why they’ve grabbed my attention.

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