10 Tips for Better Clear Water Bass Fishing in 2021

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Even though bass fishing in clear water looks easy, you may face some challenges during the journey.  In this article, we’ll run you through some of the most important tips you can use for fishing in clear water.

This will help you use the right techniques and significantly improve your clear water bass fishing.  Let’s begin!

1. Leave the Right Distance

One of the most important things to consider is distance. You need to make sure to keep the fish feeling safe. That’ll make it a much easier catch for you.

First, you need to spot the positions of the fish around you and detect your target. You must stay away as much as you can. However, don’t extend the distance too much as it gives the fish a huge opportunity to escape while you’re approaching.

The drawback of clear water is that fish are going to spot you earlier, which makes fishing challenging. However, if you have the right skills and experience, you should be able to complete your task easily.

The experience will help you choose the perfect spot to fish. However, if you’re a beginner, try to find a place suitable for the distance you plan to leave.

2. Look for Shadows

Some spots on lakes are dark. It’s usually something with its shadow reflected on the water resulting in a dark area. Yes, fishing in dark areas might seem difficult, but it’s a great technique as there are great numbers of fish in those spots.

In those situations, you need to approach carefully without making any noise to avoid fish escaping, then detect your target while keeping the right distance. Until you find the perfect chance to the catch.

Dark areas are also easy to spot especially in clear water due to the contrast in colors. You must learn how to spot real dark spots that offer opportunities to save some time.

Sometimes dark areas are just shadows of small things in the water, so it’s not guaranteed to find a lot of fish in all of those areas.

3. Use the Weather to Your Advantage

Weather is a huge factor for bass fishing. Your fishing technique mostly depends on the weather as fish spots differ according to the weather.

Bass are very sensitive to weather. On sunny days, they tend to cover under the shady parts of the water. However, on cloudy days, they’re usually more active and swim to the open.

If there is a storm, it’s much better to kick off your journey before the storm starts not after it ends as bass are known for their sensitivity to pressure. This will not only help you detect their spots. It’ll also help you choose the suitable bait to use.

4. Check the Temperature

Temperature is a major factor in getting the perfect lure. Bass fish are extremely sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is warmer, the bass is more active and moves faster, so it’s a better choice to use fast lures.

However, if the temperature is cooler, bass tend to move slower, so using slow lures will be much more effective.

5. Be Patient

Fishers usually call it stalking, but it’s actually very important. Just like any other predator, you need to detect your prey’s movements and reactions. This helps you find out their favorite spots, which helps you study the area around you.

When bass fish moves around a lot, this probably means they’re searching for food. It’s a great idea to wait for the fish to get out of the area, then place the bait, so they can see it on the way back.

Bass fish looking for food will react to the bait placement very quickly, which nearly guarantees you an easy catch.

If you see a fish entering a shallow area, the best technique is to get ready for the catch and prepare the bait, then you carefully place the bait and wait for the fish to come back. This is your time to take action.

Staking bass fish is a talent since you need huge experience to be able to predict their next movements. However, It should be quite easy after a few times, so it’s all about patience.

6. Use the Perfect Bait

Baits are available in different kinds and sizes. If you are placing the bait straight down, you need to shake it underwater to grab their attention. However, if you’re throwing the bait away, the sound it makes when hitting the water is enough to grab their attention.

The thin swimbait can also be used as a great bait thanks to its paddle tail, which grabs enough attention.

If you’re using a boat, it’s better if you place the bait far enough to make bass feel secure.

7. Experience Is Key to Success

The most important thing is your experience. The experience will give you a boost on how to use baits correctly as you can successfully predict their movements and reactions.

You can make your experience higher by reading more about bass fishing. You can also watch tutorial videos to help you understand the concept.

If it seems hard for you, don’t worry, Just a little bit of practice can turn you into an expert.

8. Anchoring the Boat

If you’re using a boat, buying an anchor would be a perfect idea.  Shallow anchors are used for stabilizing the boat and maintaining its position. It can be a great addition to your fishing equipment as it offers you the chance to turn off the boat’s motor. This makes it easier to trick the fish into the bait.

Anchors greatly help when trying to fish in clear water as you can anchor your boat when you throw a bait. This limits boat noises and makes it feels safer for the bass to approach.

9. Choose a Good Fishing Spot

Choosing the perfect spot for placing the bait is essential. This makes fishing much easier. Putting the bait in a dark area almost guarantees more preys around it.

It’s also better to place the bait beside a dead-end like a rock or a tree. This helps you limit the bass movements, and greatly reduce the risk of escaping.

10. Learn New Techniques

Learning new and efficient techniques will make your task easier and more fun. There are hundreds of techniques that can be added to your game.

The good thing is that besides learning techniques from tutorials, you can learn essential techniques by yourself. This needs some time to have enough experience to understand how bass react, but it’s possible.

Wrapping Up

Fishing bass can be very easy in clear water. The major factor for successful results is patience.  Experience may take time to develop, but once you gain the needed experience, fishing will be easier and much more fun.

All you need to do is dabble a few times before you get the knack of it. So, what’re you waiting for? Grab your equipment and start fishing!

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Ryan Stoltz

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