Best Waterproof Kayaking Pants in 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro

Recently I acquired a pair of Kokatat Tempest waterproof pants, which I’ve had recommended to me by several members of this site, as well as from Scott Loneky, who has had a lot of feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers. Given that the bulk of his customers reside in Victoria it was hard to ignore this, because getting wet in Victorian waters often means getting cold and thus uncomfortable.

This is a particularly common scenario on my yak of choice, Adventure Island (AI) because not only is it a relatively wet ride, unlike most kayaks (if we’re going to call it that) they are often used in windy conditions that other kayaks typically are not. So putting them to the AI test is as good as any. And I have to admit, they’ve passed with flying colours. They do indeed keep the user dry, both feet and backside. Obviously they’re an equally effective wind barrier as well.

Kokatat’s Tempest pants are built using a 3-layer permeable waterproof fabric, a high waist with an adjustable velcro tabbed elasticated sealing closure and waterproof socks incorporating a gravel guard. As far as I can tell they’re only available in a gunmetal grey colour, which is a pretty suitable shade for fishing enthusiasts. Clearly they are built tough and not the sort of garment you’ll be replacing the next season, making them a pretty safe investment for any kayak fisherman looking to stay warm and dry while fishing through the cooler months.

As someone who feels the cold a lot, I’m going to appreciate having these to fall back on. While they’re probably not going to be the best choice for a summer trip to Fraser Island, they’re going to serve me pretty well for at least 3 seasons of the year. Without doubt, so far they’re the best solution I’ve found for my all-year round kayak fishing aspirations. Highly recommended by yours truly. You’ll find them at Scott Lovig’s Hobie showroom in Mornington.


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Ryan Stoltz

Ryan Stoltz

Avid kayaker and lover of the outdoors. Having been kayaking for over 7 years, I love sharing my experiences and learnings along the way. Currently kayaking in upstate New York and always open to new adventures!

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