Best Inflatable Kayaks Reviewed

Buying the best inflatable kayak to sail is an exciting activity, however it is a process that can fill you with doubts about so many factors that need to be taken into account.

Kayaking is an instrument that most of the time is used for recreation, but in addition, if you love aquatic activities or outdoor sports you will give other uses and depending on these you will choose the most suitable for you.

There are people who use it for adventure in the open sea, others prefer short trips, there are also those who go fishing in it and several go to the most extreme activities and go to the fast waters.

Surely you know what the kayak is and all you can do with a boat like this, however Do you know the wide list of types there? Also, do you have clear usage or activities you expect to do with the kayak?

To clarify the doubts you have continue reading about the best known kayak types and the practices of each model:

Benefits of inflatable kayak

Among so many types of boats these stand out especially for being foldable and the ease of transporting it, as well as finding a space at home.

A rigid kayak, which on average measures more than 300cm can be a little complicated to locate, but inflatables, being able to fold and generally include a carrying bag makes it easy to keep it in a closet.

Also the inflatables may be the best option for the fans, because apart it applies for almost any derivation of the kayak and if you do not like paddling you can also find them on pedals.


Advantages of Inflatable Kayak

They are portable and light.
They are versatile.
They swell and deflate quickly.
They are cheaper than rigid kayak.
They are tough and durable
Maintenance is simple
No need to be an expert to handle it

Inflatable vs. Hard Kayaks

Although competition kayaks are made of rigid materials, the inflatable versions that manufacturers have developed are very practical and affordable in a variety of disciplines within sports and recreational canoeing.

Inflatables are highly recommended for those with comparatively lower budgets, and who do not have much space to accommodate them in times when they are not using them.

They are made of polyester with PVC, thermal ABS plastic and also there are reinforced canvas. It is an advantage that most models come with patches for eventual repairs.

Are you looking for a first kayak to use in a varied way during your vacations or weekends? We recommend to buy an inflatable. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with this sports modality, without investing a large sum of money. Then you can determine if you want to advance to a more advanced category of kayak.

Nowadays inflatable kayaks are so advanced in design that they are specialized for sea and even for whitewater rivers.

They are however slower than rigid designs, although some models come with bars that help to perform better, and decrease the ripple of their base by the impact of the waves.

Another advantage of inflatable kayaks is that there are models of both a square, as well as two and three seats.

The 6 best inflatable kayaks today

If you came here it is because you are clear in what is a kayak and the types that exist, however the market offers so many that you still have doubts as to which one you should buy.

Considering that we are talking about inflatable kayak, the first thing to consider is the rigidity of it, and if you want to share travesias or you prefer to walk only by the waters.

Whatever the case then you will see the best models you can have, with a sturdy structure of either one or two seats, aerodynamic lines that behave well with water and wind, flow smoothly and it is best to be adapts to almost any budget.

Read on for the six most convenient suggestions for investing:

1. Intex Explorer K2

The stability offered by the model is well valued by the apprentices of the sport. The same is two-seater, perfect for sharing the adventure, both are adjustable, inflatable and comfortable.

The resistance of the material allows you to use it in slow rivers, lakes or sea, but it is necessary to consider wind or currents.

It works with two independent air chambers which fill quickly with the manual pump incorporated in the purchase, also has the rope that facilitates the transfer.

The oars are aluminum, measuring 218cm in length with an average weight to handle and the firmness that is needed in the instrument.

It is a product that is well made, impeccably finished and is also one of the least expensive list and best referenced by the opinions of users.

2. Intex Challenger K1

It is a basic kayak, a perfect place to use it in calm waters. The piece comes with steering keel and everything you need to navigate, plus the purchase brings a repair kit.

The boat is manufactured with the best materials that guarantee the performance and is so much for amateur or professional sailors. After inflating the ship will maintain the pressure throughout the day.

It is easy to control, the seat is wide only it is necessary to consider that it is for maximum 100kg. It has a low price, however it maintains good quality and fulfills its function properly.

3. Sevylor Riviera

The features of this model make it the most suitable for professional users. The same has five air chambers and also has pressure indicator to be aware of the condition of the kayak, in addition to the manometer you will know the exact amount of air that a piece needs.

One of the advantages of the model is that it coils and remains super compact, so much that it becomes a backpack and portability is simpler.

On the other hand, the filling system is efficient because it has the double direction Boston valve that controls the passage of air both to swell and to deflate.

It is a double red kayak, being bigger supports up to 180kg and you can use it for you and your children always under the supervision of an adult.

4. Hydro Bestway

Its aerodynamic lines make it move perfectly, besides that it has a notched construction that does not allow the entrance of water.

As for the design is a striking blue and gray with reinforced seats and bands that supports the backrest.

It also has a handle on the bow to move it and ropes with rivets that ensure the structure.

It is an economical but efficient model, with large blade aluminum oars with ergonomic design that guarantee the success of the impulse.

5. Sevylor Reef 300

With a durable nylon construction, reinforced floor and aerodynamic body, it is the perfect canoe for use in river, sea and lake.

The structure of this is different, in addition to being one of the firmest has a window on the floor to see the bottom of the sea.

Wrapped in its luggage weighs only 9kg but is able to support up to 150kg.

It has a price above average, but it can be affordable in relation to quality and being the best investment you make is a kayak.

6. Sevylor Adventure

Again the brand stands out with another canoe, with practically the same characteristics as the previous one, but now certain details that make it superior.

The size is larger, has three valves and expands the weight it supports, also has a space in the middle of the two places for a child to go.

The quality is reflected in the superiority of the materials, and by feeling how sturdy and rigid it is in each journey.