If you’re looking for a great kayak that’s easy to transport, folding kayaks might just be your thing.  Folding Kayaks originated from those built by Arctic Indians in northern areas of North America, Siberia and Greenland. They began as wood frames covered in seal skins which made them watertight and lightweight. Fashioned on the same principals as their Arctic ancestors, today they’re engineered with a lighter frame enclosed in a durable puncture resistant PVC skin.

type of folding kayak

What is different about the designs for this type is the collapsible frame making it easy to carry and store. These are comparably as sturdy as hard shell kayak designs because of the high grade durable materials used and the framing design.

These are very versitile, used for recreational paddling, touring, fishing, etc., and have ample storage.

  • The size varies between 8′ to over 17′.
  • They actually assemble very quickly depending on the design and manufacturer.
  • They have a hard bottom that is inserted into the cockpit.
  • They are manufactured as single or tandem models (as shown here).
  • They fold into a case that contains the framing, PVC cover and even the collapsible paddle.
  • Best of all, it fits inside the trunk of a car.

This is a nice choice for those who have space and weight concerns – they travel wherever you go, even on an airplane!

The frames and skin are hightech and have been designed for easy assembly. After you’ve done it a couple of times, it doesn’t take long to get them together and ready for the water.

Pakboats is a company that manufacturers the Puffin Series of foldable kayaks. The Puffins caught my attention at a Demo Day a few years ago. I was quite impressed with the simple design and how quickly they were assembled. Anyone wanting to save storage space and looking for a quality product, will have years of enjoyment with one of these.

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