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Perception Pescador Pro 12 Review 2021

Last Updated on May 1, 2021 by KayakPro Whether you want it for fishing or leisure, a good kayak will go a long way. If picked properly, it’ll withstand the longest and most adventurous trips. For that matter, Perception is a definitely worthy manufacturer. In the Perception Pescador Pro 12 review, we’ll know why it’s

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Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Review 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Sit-inside kayaks are the best option for year-round adventures. Yes, some of them are horrible in terms of comfort, but luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. Today, I’ll review one of the best sit-inside kayaks, the Pungo 120. I love it for the many innovative

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best beginner kayaks

10 Best Kayaks for Beginners in 2021 Reviewed

Last Updated on June 8, 2021 by KayakPro I often get the question: What are the best kayaks for beginners? When it comes to choosing the best kayaks for beginner kayakers, it can be quite confusing.  I find that this question often leads directly to more questions: What should you use the kayak for? Long journey, exercise

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best fishing kayaks under $500

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500 in 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Every avid kayaker understands the importance of the right equipment, and investing in the right kayak will guarantee a fun and safe trip. Fishing on a kayak is one of the best experiences, as you can enjoy the views while catching fish for lunch or pleasure. Compared

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Hardshell vs Inflatable Kayaks in 2021

Last Updated on May 23, 2021 by KayakPro If you’re new to kayaking, one of the toughest decisions you have to make is choosing what type of kayak you’re going to buy. There are many factors to consider, but the type of kayaking you enjoy mostly depends on how long you want to spend in

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Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Best Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak in 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Choosing the best sit-on-top fishing kayak can be tricky, especially when there are so many brilliant options at your fingertips! For newbies, the choice on offer can get a little confusing – just what is the difference between sit-in and an sot? How much extra storage will

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8 Best Inflatable Kayaks of 2021 Reviewed

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Inflatable kayaks have evolved so much over the years that they perform well and are just as reliable as their hard-shelled counterparts.  Portability and convenience remain two of the best qualities of inflatable kayaks which give it an edge over other types of a kayak. In most

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best tandem kayak

Best Tandem Kayak Reviews for 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Best Tandem Kayaks in Do you want to share your paddling adventure with a buddy? A tandem kayak, also known as tandems or doubles will make that possible. And if you are looking for one, this guide is for you. I know how difficult it is to

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Hi there.  My name is Ryan and I’m addicted to kayaking.  I’ve been kayaking for over 10 years now and want to pass on some of that knowledge.  Here you’ll find reviews on the latest kayaks, tips on how to kayak, and kayak fishing as well.

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Kayaking Accessories

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Best Kayak Life Vests: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by KayakPro Many, including myself, love kayaking. Not only because it’s fun, but also because it can improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. The only downside is that kayaks are notoriously unstable in turbulent waters, making it not the safest activity in the world. This is why a

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Best Kayaking Shoes in 2021

Last Updated on April 27, 2021 by KayakPro A sunny day, fresh running water, and a wonderful kayak you’re in. What’s missing? The perfect kayaking shoes. While kayaking, you spend a lot of time in the water. For such a long journey, your comfort is undebatable. One of the pillars of a comfortable trip is

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Best Trolling Motor Battery in 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro Finding the right kind of batteries for trolling motors can be a hassle, and it can easily get overwhelming when you start getting into terms like “AGM”, “Deep Cycle”, “Amp hours”, and all the other technical jargon associated with these batteries. This article is here so finding

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holding kayak paddles

7 Best Kayak Paddle Holders in 2021

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by KayakPro The single most important and largest thing that a kayak contains, other than yourself is the paddle. As you know, the paddle occupies a large amount of space in a kayak. You need to securely park it somewhere when you’re fishing, snapping a photo, or simply not

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