Kayaking Basics For Beginners!

Want to learn kayaking basics but don't even know where to start? Need beginners stuff but the info you find is too advanced?

Stop searching, you have arrived at the right place. This site covers all the basics to get you paddling with "know how". You'll find kayaking tips, safety advice and so much more!

For many years I paddled and enjoyed helping others get a good start. I always encourage them to learn a few of the kayaking basics - you know, the beginners stuff ... before hitting the water. Why? Because you don't want to learn them after hitting the water... really!

Now, if you're a little reluctant to say that you're a beginner, think about this for a moment ... if you give yourself a smart start before you hit the water, you will be better prepared for unexpected situations and your paddling experience will be more enjoyable.

Why should you read further?

Because here are the things that will give you a smart start . . .

And there's ton's more help - free - right here!

There are many reasons why kayaking is the fastest growing sport. It offers outdoor enjoyment, healthy exercise, a fun connection with friends, solitude, fishing, challenge, adventure or just a peaceful escape.

If you're like I was, you are excited about kayaking and just want to focus on getting started - period!

Find Kayaking for Beginners Info

Years ago, when I searched the Net for some simple kayaking basics to get me going, I found it both overwhelming and time consuming. There are a gazillion websites with snippets of this and that about kayaking - but none that actually answered all my beginner questions.

Who has that kind of time? Well, me.

I spent many late nights visiting hundreds of paddling sites and called on my own experience to put together these basics. There is more to my story about how I paddled into this website; but most important, I wanted to put all the kayaking basics on one focused site.

I also researched how many other beginners were looking for this information - I knew I wasn't alone. I must have done something right because before too long I had lots of paddling organizations that link to this site. Then I started to get some excellent feed back from readers letting me know that this information was helpful. I've proudly displayed some of them in the right column. (Thank you kindly).

Within this site you'll not only find instruction to learn the mechanics of paddling, but information about many other important things to know..

Be sure to read Kayaking Awareness, it will get you thinking. Find lessons in your area; learn about the different types of kayaks; figure out which kayak is best for you; find the best paddling gear for your budget and kayaking safety.

So, paddle on in ... find a comfy spot with your favorite beverage and read on!



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    What Readers are Saying...

    This site is amazing. I am 30 and new to kayaking. This site is by far the most informative I have been to yet. Every single question I had and many I would have never thought of asking was completely answered. - Kyle

    Very helpful! I am considering purchasing my first kayak and the information found here is just what I needed. Thank you! - Scott

    ...Loved the practicality, humor, safety, no nonsense care, Exercise tips were also great ... Came home 2 inches smaller in the middle! - Page

    I found your site amazing. I am new to kayaking ... I just wanted to say your site is awesome and informational. It has gone straight to the top of my favorites and I reference it often. Thanks. - Rob

    Great website. From equipment I need and good safety practices to basic paddling technique, etc., I found all the info I needed and then some. It is definitely added to my favorites and I would recommend this site to anyone that may be considering this sport. - Muriel